We are Persons Unknown Housing Co-operative and our aim is to provide quality, sustainable, affordable, environmentally friendly, self-managed housing for our co-op members and to the wider local community in Toxteth, Liverpool. We aim to achieve this by taking disused land, turned down by developers, and bringing it into co-operative ownership, securing accessible high quality housing for generations to come. And bringing more joy to our community by reusing decaying brownfield sites.

Our aim is to adopt a development approach that can be replicated by other community led housing groups in order to achieve affordable homes with little or no recourse to mainstream public funds. We aspire to also succeed where other older co-operatives have failed, and use our future cash reserves to invest in a new generation of co-ops in the future.
We are fully mutual and all members have a regular active role in the running of the co-op. If you are interested in learning new skills, and changing the world for the better and saving communities from the housing crisis, get in touch! We are a sustainable, socially impactful solution.

We are interested in working with other housing co-operatives and registered providers in order to develop our housing scheme. We are currently working with a team of professionals to ensure our financial viability.
Alongside grants and loans, we will issue loanstock when our feasibility study is complete. You can buy loanstock from us! Choose your own interest rate, and payback period to make an ethical investment.

Our Work So Far