We are Persons Unknown Housing Co-operative, currently a group of six people based in South Liverpool who are connected through various projects we work on within the city. Genuinely affordable and secure housing has become hard to find. Housing is precarious and as tenants we are often uprooted before we have become part of a community. We want sustainable, affordable and self-managed housing in South Liverpool. We aim to achieve this by taking land from the housing market, and bringing it into co-operative ownership, securing it for generations to come.

We want to support the sharing of skills, education and information in our community and offer advice and support to anyone wanting to take control of their own housing. We will also continue our work to build and support local projects that help make the area the best place it can be.
We have no personal capital, so we are buying our homes using a financial model from Radical Routes, a national network of cooperatives of which we are a member co-op, and with whom we already have a loan agreed in principle. With this, private loanstock investment and a 40 year mortgage from an ethical bank, we aim to purchase somewhere for the project and pay rent set at local housing allowance in order to pay it all back.

We have no personal capital but we are able to buy our property using a model developed by our secondary co-operative, Radical Routes. We recieve a loan from them and loanstck from investors to pay the deposit of our motgage from an ethical bank. If you woul like to make an investment, see our investor information.
If you would like to make an ethical investment in us see our loanstock pack.

Who We Are