15th April 2021

Feasibility and Friends

Persons Unknown have been recruiting new members! This process can be tricky before being housed, due to the speculative nature of the project. We hope we have done enough planning for different scenarios to get some new people on board. We have been spreading the word to like minded people who feel they can be involved at this all important planning stage.

We have also been gathering quotes for different parts of the feasibility study of our top site! This includes financial modeling from our specialist in housing co-op finance: Catalyst Collective . And working with URBED a co-op of architects specialising in environmental urban design for help with quotes from quantity surveyors and engineers.

Our vision is to create an environmental oasis, a resource for the community along side the co-op which will provide ten more more adults (plus children) housing. We are taking part in a clear up of the site with councilor Sarah Doyle!

Not to mention the Breaking Ground Hub who have paired us with the wonderful Catherine of who will work as our project manager. The timescale has been set, lets all dive in and show that new community led housing is possible in Liverpool!

29th October 2020

Closing in on Sites!

Persons Unknown have been busy scuttling around the city, getting to the next stages of this cooperative housing project. We’ve outlined 18 potential sites around the city and are currently narrowing them down based on their suitability. As one of the Liverpool Community Led Housing Enabler Hub’s ‘Pipeline Projects’, we will be working with architects to conduct appraisals on someof our favourites and to discuss design avenues before approaching site owners for purchase.

It is our hope to employ creative design and cooperation to create a replicable solution to today’s housing crisis and to grow the cooperative movement, providing secure and genuinely affordable housing in Liverpool for generations to come!